Homemade Letter Bingo

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Print out the bingo cards and give a card to each child.
  2. Cut out the letters, numbers and shapes on the calling cards in the printable bingo cards packet.
  3. Do a quick review of some of the letters, numbers and symbols on a sample card with your kids as a warm-up exercise.
  4. Pick up one of the letters, numbers or shape cut-outs and read it aloud.
  5. Tell your kids to look at their cards and see whether their card shows the matching letter, number or shape. If it does, they should put one of their beads or beans onto it.
  6. Continue until one player has an entire vertical row, horizontal row, or diagonal row from the upper corner to the lower corner. Then, shuffle the cards and play again!
  7. You can also make your own bingo cards with paper and markers if you use all of the printed out bingo cards.

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