Love Spoons

What You Need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • White dimensional paint such as puff paint

What You Do:  

  1. Help your child cut out two matching hearts. They need to be big enough that when they're glued together you can slip them over the handle of a spoon. Between 1 ½ inches and 2 inches tall and wide will work well.
  2. Show him how to run a bead of craft glue around the upper sides and top of one heart. Don’t put any glue near the bottom of the heart — remember, you are making an envelope to slip the heart over the handle of a spoon.  
  3. Have him lay a second heart on top of the first one and let the glue dry.
  4. Let him use some paint to decorate the top heart. Tell him he can outline the heart with dots, a dashed line or solid line. In the center of the heart, include a smaller heart. Don’t decorate with glitter or it might end up in someone’s food!
  5. Once the paint has dried, help him make plans to deliver these special gifts on Valentine’s Day morning.

If your family is hosting a special Valentine’s Day event, use these as place markers at the table. Make hearts that have peoples' initials on them. Use them to embellish a spoon in a cup of hot chocolate, add a dose of love to an ice cream sundae, or make a piece of cake even more scrumptious.

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