Make a Timeline of an Influential Person

What You Need:

  • One or two copies of the Storyboard worksheet 
  • Biography of someone you would like to research
  • Construction paper

What You Do:

  1. Give a short description of the person your child chooses to study.
  2. Have your child read a biography about the person. For younger researchers, read a picture book biography or autobiography.
  3. Discuss the details of the person’s life and why they are famous or remembered.
  4. Reread the book or text with your learner and have them write down notes on the Storyboard worksheet. Support your learner by allowing them to draw pictures first and then go back to add sentences.
  5. Have them cut out the details and place them in a timeline. If your child did not include dates in their events, encourage them to do so now to help them place the events.
  6. Review the event placements with your child. Ask them some of the following questions to get them thinking about the importance of each of the details they chose:
    • Which detail is the most important?
    • Which detail is the least important?
    • Why would you choose to add this detail over another?
    • Would this person’s life have been different if you eliminated one of their important life events?
    • How did one event impact another event? 
  7. Throughout all the discussions, allow your child to disregard or add different events if they choose to.
  8. Ask your child to summarize the person’s life using their timeline as a reference.
  9. Once they have all their finalized events in place, learners can glue the events on construction paper.

Creating timelines, whether biographical or personal, is a helpful way to organize important information. Enjoy great conversations with your researcher to help them develop critical thinking skills with this activity.


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