Math Baseball

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Determine team names, and write them on the score sheet. Roll the dice to see who goes first.
  2. Players take turns going "up to bat" by rolling the two dice and multiplying the two numbers shown. If a player gives a correct answer, they may look for the product on the Hitting Chart. (It's at the bottom of your game board.) The chart will show where the players can move their marker to on the game board.
  3. Each player may continue their turn until they get three "outs." An "out" is received by saying an incorrect answer or by "hitting" a low number. Home runs should be recorded with tallies.
  4. Play for five innings, then add up the number of home runs to see which player's won the game!


  • Change the numbers in the hitting chart.
  • Change the operation to addition or subtraction.

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