Make a Menorah Light Chart

What You Need:

  • Menorah and candles
  • Light colored paper
  • Ruler
  • Colored pencils or thin markers
  • Clock

What You Do:

  1. Light the menorah as you would every night. This should only be done by a responsible adult. Children should never go close to or touch the lit candles. Always supervise your child while the candles are lit. Additionally, be mindful of the lit candles. Do not leave the house or leave the candles unattended.
  2. Use the ruler and a colored pencil or thin marker to make a graph. Try one or more different types such as a line graph or bar chart. Discuss each axis and what it means with your child. One should have a spot for each night’s candle; the other should be for the time.
  3. Note the time when you light the candles. Clock the time it takes the candle to burn.
  4. Chart the time on the graph.
  5. Add in a science activity. Discuss what it takes (i.e., oxygen) for the candle to burn. Form a hypothesis about why some nights the candles may burn longer or shorter. For example, your child may say that he thinks the candles burn longer if they are taller. Talk about why that would be: Is the wick longer? Does the wax have anything to do with it? Test your hypothesis and note the observations on the bottom or back of the chart.

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