Negativity Bias

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child about three things that happened to them today.
  2. Ask if it is easier for them to remember the positive or negative things.
  3. Explain to your child that you will be watching a video about how our brains are wired to focus on the negative, something that is called "negativity bias." However, there are ways to change our brains to focus more on positive things.
  4. Show them the Character Education: Negativity Bias video.
  5. Ask your child why humans seem to focus on the negative.
  6. Ask, "How many times do we have to state a positive if we state a negative?" (Answer: three times)
  7. Review with your child that for every one thing that is labeled as "negative," thinking of three positives can start to change our brain to be wired to be more positive.
  8. Ask them if they have any questions.
  9. Explain to your child that they will be creating an uplifting and positive gift (a video or art project) to give to someone else. They will then reflect on 10 positive things that happened in their day.
  10. Have your child complete the Seeing the Bright Side worksheet.
  11. After completing the worksheet, review the 10 positive things your child listed. Ask your child to read their positive experiences out loud.
  12. Ask, "How does it feel to read and reflect on these positive things? Where do you notice the feeling in your body?"
  13. Ask them to notice this feeling (to soak in the good) for at least 20–30 seconds.
  14. Explain to your child that any time they notice that their thoughts are more negative, they should start to list as many positive thoughts as they can. Saying these positive things out loud can be helpful to "soak in the good."

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