Non-Slip Socks

What You Need:

  • Clean cotton socks, adult size
  • Fabric paint in assorted colors
  • Old newspaper

What You Do:

  1. Show your child how to wash and dry the cotton socks. This beginning step provides an opportunity to familiarize him with the laundry room!
  2. Make sure your child's workspace is lined with newspaper. This painting involved in this project can get messy!
  3. Arrange the socks, bottoms up, with on the paper. Invite your child to paint the bottoms of the socks with fabric paint, either with a design or in a random pattern.
  4. Let the socks dry thoroughly, at least overnight.

Your child can easily wrap these fluffy socks up in a gift bag or with wrapping paper, making it a gift your child can make independently. He will knock someone's socks off with this one!

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