Run Around the Numbers

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What You Need:

  • Paved outdoor area
  • Colored sidewalk chalk

What You Do:

  1. Ask the players to spread out and assign them a number to write in chalk on the pavement. Make sure they make the numbers large enough so they can be seen from a distance and far enough away from one another that they don't collide while running to their numbers!
  2. Explain that you will shout out a number randomly. When the players hear it, they need to dash to the number and stand on top of it.
  3. Tell them to stand on that number until you call out the next number.
  4. If players get to the number first, have them cheer on their friends until they find their own numbers.
  5. After the players get comfortable with the game, switch it up a bit and have one of the kids call out the numbers. Or, trade out the numbers for colors or shapes.

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