Number Pattern Solver

What You Need:

  • White copy paper or white lined paper
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper.  
  2. Pick a number range to use for the game. In this example we will use 1-500. Announce to your child that you have a number pattern in mind. Some examples are: all even numbers, all numbers with a 5 in them, only the “teens” numbers, etc.
  3. Encourage your child guess different numbers, one at a time. If the number she guesses is in your pattern, write the number inside the circle. If the number is not in the pattern, write the number outside of the circle. 
  4. At first your child will really just be guessing numbers. However, as more numbers are written down inside and outside the circle, patterns will begin to emerge. 
  5. Encourage her to examine the numbers outside the circle, too. Those numbers can provide vital clues to solving the pattern riddle.
  6. The game ends when your child correctly guesses the number pattern. 


For younger children, use a lower range of numbers: 1-50. Think of an easy number pattern; for example: even numbers. If you're working with older kids, increase the range of the numbers. For example, use 1-1000 and think of a more complex pattern like multiples of 4.

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