Play the Number Line Game!

What You Need:

  • Number line (write the numbers 20 through 40)
  • 18 Number cards (showing numbers 21 through 39)
  • Pencil and paper (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Shuffle the number cards and place them face down in a stack. Have your child pick up the first card.
  2. After they've looked at the card, ask them to name the number that comes before it. Then have them name the number that comes after it. If your child hesitates, you can rephrase the question by asking which number is 1 less (or 1 more) than the card they are holding.
  3. Using the number line, have your child check to see if they have named the numbers correctly. If so, they keep the card. They can start a "winnings" pile to keep all of the cards they've won.
  4. Continue in the same manner until your child has looked at all of the cards. Ask them to count the cards in their “winnings” pile.

All done? Record the number of cards your child has won so that the next time you play the Number Line game, they can try to beat their score!

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