How to Make a Duster

What You Need:

  • 1 men's white tube sock
  • Pillow stuffing or plastic grocery bags
  • Rubber band
  • Flat jewels and buttons
  • Glue
  • Dowel stick, approximately 2' long
  • Colorful ink daubers (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Cut the ribbed area of the tube sock into 8 strips, stopping halfway through the length of the sock. Cut a small hole in the toe about the size of the dowel.
  2. Stuff the toe of the sock with the pillow stuffing or plastic grocery bags.
  3. Secure the center of the sock just below the stuffed area with a rubber band.
  4. Have your child glue jewels and buttons onto the sock to give the octopus a face and other decorations. Let dry.
  5. If you like, make it a polka-dotted creature by using the ink daubers to make dots (optional).
  6. Put glue on the top part of the dowel stick and push it into the hole in the toe end of the stuffed sock. Glue the edges of the hole to the dowel and let dry.

The Octopus Duster is now ready to dust away cobwebs and high shelves!

For added fun, include a note or poem such as the following:

Here is an octopus just for you To help with dusting that you do. If reaching high is the case Use his legs with a happy face.

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