Wise Owl

What You Need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Markers

What You Do:

  1. Have your child choose a color and measure the width of the toilet paper roll, and cut out a rectangle that is about the same width--usually 4 inches. Wrap the construction paper over the tube and secure it with tape.
  2. Place the toilet paper upright and fold down the top edges of the roll so there are two points. There will be the owl's ears.
  3. Secure the ears with tape.
  4. Have your child draw and cut out a circle from construction paper, and then cut it in half to make to semicircles. These will be wings.
  5. Decorate the wings with markers by drawing feathers.
  6. Tape the wings to each side of the owl body.
  7. Have your child choose three other colors for the eyes, and cut two circles out of each color. Each color should be a slightly different size.
  8. Place the three circles on top of each other, from largest to smallest, and glue them together.
  9. Glue the eyes onto the owl's face.
  10. Cut out an orange triangle beak and glue it right under the owl's eyes.
  11. For the owl's claws, cut out a small orange circle and cut it into half, with zigzags.
  12. Glue them to the bottom of the owl.

Did you know that owls are nocturnal animals? Keep these by the bed to watch over you at night!

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