Patterned Pets

What You Need:

  • White Drawing Paper
  • Markers
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Help your child draw the outline of their pet using a pencil. Make sure they keep the details to a minimum. Encourage them to draw the outline of the pet as large as possible so that it fills the page.
  2. Help them to trace the pencil outline with a marker so it's easy to see.
  3. Section off parts of the pet using a marker. We drew horizontal stripes across our animal, leaving a couple of inches between the lines.
  4. See how many patterns they can name. Some of them may be: zig-zags, polka dots, plaid, stripes, argyle, diamonds and geometric.
  5. Ask your child to design a different pattern for each section of their pet. They can use as many colors as they like, but each section must be completely unique. 
  6. When they finish, hang up their patterned pet portrait for family and friends to enjoy!

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