Write a Simile Poem ... Starring Your Pet!

What You Need:

  • Lined paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Drawing paper

What You Do:

  1. Discuss what a simile is—and isn't—with your child. Explain that it is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things, usually using “like” or “as." For example, "My mom's hair is as red as an apple." Hair and apple are not alike at all, but they do have a common color in this case!
  2. "My mom's hair is a mess." This sentence would not be a simile because it does not compare two unlike things. It simply describes the hair.
  3. "My mom's hair is a rose." This sentence is also not considered a simile, because it is not comparing two things, but instead saying that something is something else.
  4. Next, have your child use the following poem about his pet and fill in the blanks to create similes on lined paper: 
    • My pet's fur is like ______________________.
    • My pet's eyes are like ___________________.
    • My pet's nose is like ____________________.
    • My pet's ears are like ___________________.
    • My pet's mouth is like ___________________.
    • My pet's teeth are like ___________________.
    • My pet's tongue is like ___________________.
    • My pet's tail is like ______________________.
    • My pet's feet are like ____________________.
    • My pet's sound is like ___________________.
  5. You may wish to come up with more, or change some of the sentences to fit your family's pet. For example if your child's pet is a tortoise you can change "My pet's fur" to "My pet's shell."
  6. Once your child has completed the simile poem, have him draw a picture of his pet on the top half of a sheet of 9" x 12" drawing paper, and paste the poem underneath. Or, have him fill up the paper with a hand drawn portrait of his pet, and then paste the poem on top of the body of the animal (as shown in the picture).

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