Play Picture Book Charades!

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What You Need:

  • 5 picture books your child knows well
  • Appropriate props (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Select five of your first grader's favorite picture books.
  2. Read three of the books you selected.
  3. Say, "Now I'm going to act out one of these books."
  4. Act out the storyline for one of the three books you read. You may communicate through gestures, actions, sounds, and props, but no words.
  5. Ask, "Can you guess which book it is?"
  6. Allow your child to guess. Offer hints if necessary.
  7. Read the remaining two books together.
  8. Place the four books that have not been acted out in front of your child. Say, "Pick one of these books, but don't tell me which one it is. Act it out and see if I can guess the right book."
  9. Allow your first grader to act out the book while you try to guess which one it is.

The first time you play Picture Book Charades, you may want to form teams with you and your first grader on one team and another adult or older child on the opposing team.

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