Potato Face

What You Need:

  • Potato
  • Small toothpicks
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Knife
  • Newspaper

What You Do:

  1. Most potatoes don't stand up on their own very well. Help your child get started by using a knife to cut off the end of the potato, creating a flat surface.
  2. Have your child set up his play station by covering a table with a layer of newspaper.
  3. Set the cut potato on the newspaper.
  4. Help your child break each of his toothpicks in half.
  5. Gather a bunch of cut fruits and vegetables on the newspaper for your child to use. Carrots make great noses, for example, and olives make silly eyes.
  6. Show him how to stick a blunt end of the toothpick into the body of the potato where he will want to add facial features.
  7. Have him press the pieces of fruits or vegetables onto the the toothpick.
  8. Let him keep experimenting and rearranging his potato face's features until he gets hungry!

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