Unique Place Cards

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Print out the “You Light Up My Life" template, one per juice box. Don’t forget! These are place cards, so you’ll need one for everyone at the table—that means the creators of the gift, too!
  2. Chat with your child while you cut the tops off an appropriate number of juice boxes. Explain what a place card is and that your cards will give everyone something to take home so they remember being guests in your home.
  3. When you are done cutting the tops off the boxes, ask your child to go ahead and wash them out. Remind him that it's important that all the boxes are completely clean.
  4. Ask him to fill each box with potting soil, to within one inch of the top.
  5. Next, have him drop two sunflower seeds into the top of each box. He can use his finger to gently push the seeds about 1/4" into the soil.
  6. Now, have him cut out the templates, using the dotted lines as cutting guides. Write your child’s name on one template. Then spell out the names as your child makes a place card for everyone else.
  7. Wrap juice box planters with templates, and tape them into place.
  8. Finally, give each planter a small amount of water. The potted place cards are finished!

Before your guests arrive, have your helper put one planter at each place. Your guests will be delighted to know how much they mean to you (and your young gardener)!

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