President Match

What You Need:

  • 4 sheets of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Washable marker

What You Do:

  1. To start, you and your child will need to create 88 pieces of paper, two for every president. Keep in mind that you can divide this up however you like, but four sheets of construction paper create a manageable 22 pieces per sheet.
  2. Have your child use the marker to divide each sheet before cutting. An easy way to divide each sheet into 22 pieces, is to first draw one vertical line down the middle. Then all she needs to do is draw 10 horizontal lines across the middle line.
  3. Let her use scissors to cut out all 88 paper rectangles.
  4. Have her number half of the rectangles from 1-44.
  5. Help her write each president's name on the front of the remaining 44 rectangles and their corresponding number on the back of the same rectangle. (The "corresponding number" is simply the order in which the men were president, e.g. George Washington's number would be one, and Donald Trump's number would be 45.)
  6. Now she should have two separate decks of matching cards! To play the game, help her shuffle each deck. Make sure the decks don't combine.
  7. Have her spread out the deck with the presidents' names out in front of her. The names should be facing up, not the numbers.
  8. Let her hold the other stack in her hand.
  9. To win, she has to successfully pair the number cards in her hands to the president’s names in front of her. Make the game more of a competition by splitting up the number cards with friends.

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