Pumpkin Designs

What You Need:

  • Pumpkin (clean and dry)
  • Washi tape (assorted styles)
  • Stickers

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to decide what kind of design they want to create on their pumpkin. Have them describe the line quality they want to use. Will the lines be straight, curvy, symmetrical? Will they create zigzags, or cross over one another like a spider web?
  2. Encourgae your child to draw a picture of their design on paper before applying it to their pumpkin.
  3. Have them apply the washi tape to the pumpkin, pressing firmly as they go. If there are mistakes, have them gently lift the tape and reapply it onto the surface of the pumpkin.
  4. Finish the pattern, or design, using stickers.
  5. Invite your child to describe the designs they made on their pumpkin.

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