Pumpkin Measurements

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What You Need:

  • A pumpkin, large or small, real or decorative
  • Fabric or paper tape measure (it needs to be flexible)
  • Kitchen scale or bathroom scale, depending on the weight of the pumpkin
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator


What You Do:

  1. Group the pumpkin and various measuring tools together on the table. Ask your child how she would measure the pumpkin. Discuss each of the following: The height of the pumpkin is how tall it is top to bottom, the width is how wide it is from side to side, the depth is how deep it is front to back, the circumference is its measurement all the way around, the weight is how heavy it is, and the volume is how much space it takes up. 
  2. Measure the height, width, depth, circumference, and weight of the pumpkin, recording the measurements as you go. Be sure to save volume until last because that is going to take some math to accomplish. When you write down each number, include the unit of measurement. For example, write “10 inches” instead of just “10.” 
  3. With the other measurements recorded, it is time to calculate the volume. Your child will probably need your help. She can use a calculator if necessary. Take the height, width, and depth of the pumpkin and multiply these numbers together (height x width x depth). Divide the result by two. 
  4. Now that your child has measured the pumpkin several different ways, ask her to compare the pumpkin to other items. Which is taller, the pumpkin or her desk lamp? Which has the larger volume, the pumpkin or her soccer ball? Which weighs more, the pumpkin or her hiking boots?  

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