Shoe Sale

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What You Need: 

  • White paper
  • At least 2 players
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Calculator (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Have the players measure out an even amount of rectangular flashcards with a ruler and pencil on white paper (minimum 24 cards). They can be any size, as long as they are all the same. Then, cut them out.
  2. Split the cards evenly among the players. 
  3. Encourage the players to draw and color in different types of shoes on half of their cards. After they draw each pair of shoes, have them assign a price to the shoes using a whole number (so no change) that's $100.00, or less. 
  4. On a blank card, have the players assign a percentage off using a whole number (e.g. 10%, 40%, 90%).
  5. Ask them to do the math and figure out the percentage off of the price they just assigned the pair of shoes they drew. Write the final sale price under the percentage.
  6. Have them draw and complete the math for all of their flashcards.
  7. Mix the cards together and place them face down in a grid, like a game of memory.
  8. Each player should take a turn flipping two cards at a time and solving the percentage problem. If the player's math is correct, he can keep the pair of cards.
  9. The player with the most shoes at the end of the game is the winner.

Helpful Hint: A shortcut to figuring out sale percentages is to multiply the percentage by the price of the shoes, then subtract that number from the price of the shoes to get the sale price.

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