Smudge Monsters

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Paints
  • Old sponges or rags

What You Do:

  1. Have your child wet the sponges and squeeze out the water.
  2. Encourage him to dip the rags into the paint—just a little bit will do it!
  3. Press the sponge onto the paper and release, like pressing a stamp. You should get an interesting-shaped smudge.
  4. Make a few more smudges then give the “smudge art” 5-10 minutes to dry.
  5. Then, it’s time to turn those smudges into critters! Your child can draw or paint eyes, legs, feet, ears, and tails to add personality. How many different monsters can your child come up with?

For some extra fun, have him make a scene of smudge monsters. He can draw a family of smudge monsters having dinner, a smudge monster birthday party, or a smudge monster classroom scene! Encourage him to be creative and fun is sure to follow.

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