St. Pat's Snakes and Ladders

What You Need:

  • Grid template (make your own) and Pots of Gold Card template
  • Poster board in white or green
  • Green construction paper
  • One die
  • Small objects such as buttons in different colors to serve as game pieces
  • Markers
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick

What You Do:

  1. Make a 10 by 10 grid template. You can break this up into 4 pieces of paper.
  2. Have your child glue the four grid sheets onto the poster board to form a square game board.
  3. Invite him to write a number in the bottom right hand corner of each square, beginning with the square in the bottom left hand corner.
  4. When the bottom row is numbered, have him move up to the second row. Have him number across that row consecutively. For example, square number 11 is above square number 10 and square number 12 is directly above number 9.
  5. Continue to number until your child gets to 100 which should be in the upper left hand corner. Have your child draw a pot of gold in this box and write "Finish."
  6. Then, have him draw 10 snakes as long or short as he pleases, connecting any two squares, as long as the squares are not on the same line. For example, he may draw a snake from square 98 down to square 57. Another snake from 45 down to 33.
  7. Next, have him draw 10 ladders as long or as short as he pleases, again as long as they are not on the same line.
  8. Ask your child to write "Draw a Card" on five of the numbered spaces anywhere on the board.
  9. Print out the pot of gold templates onto green construction paper, and have him cut them out.
  10. Next, have your child think of five different quick tasks to do and write them down on each pot of gold card. For example, "jump up and down on one foot 10 times" or "stand on one foot for 15 seconds."
  11. Additionally, on each card write something positive that he will do if he is able to complete the task on the card. For example, "move forward 3 spaces" or "climb the closest ladder." Also, write a consequence if he is unable to complete the task, such as "go back 5 spaces."
  12. Now you're ready to play! Roll the die to determine who goes first.
  13. The first player should roll the die and move the amount of spaces indicated on the die.
  14. Play continues with the person to the left.
  15. If a player lands on a space that has a ladder, the player moves up the ladder. If a player lands on a snake, the player must slide down the snake. If a player lands on a space marked "Draw a Card," the player must pick up a pot of gold card and perform the task.
  16. The play continues until someone reaches the 100th square marked "Finish." He is the winner!

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