Corn Kernel Necklaces

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What You Need:

  • Indian corn kernels (soaked in water overnight)
  • Embroidery floss, 24" double thread
  • Heavy duty sewing needles
  • Thimble
  • Towel

What You Do:

  1. Show your child how to hold the sewing needle properly to avoid accidents.
  2. Have her pick out particular colors of kernels that she'd like to use in her necklace.
  3. Demonstrate how to thread a kernel by placing a soaked kernel of corn flat on the surface of a table and poking the threaded needle straight through.
  4. Encourage her to thread as many kernels as she'd like, making sure to leave at least an inch of thread on each end of the necklace.
  5. When she finishes threading her kernels, help her tie the end of the necklace in a knot.
  6. She's now ready to celebrate the fall season with her colorful kernel necklace.

Note: Some of the corn may begin to sprout, and this can be the perfect opportunity to grow some corn indoors, which could eventually be transplanted to your garden in the spring. Then, you and your child can harvest your own Indian corn next fall!

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