Summer Community Helpers

What You Need:

  • Picture of the following community helpers: Lifeguard, forest ranger, librarian
  • Print-outs of the following paper bag puppets: Lifeguard, forest ranger, and librarian
  • Paper bags
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Crayons or markers

What You Do:

  1. Begin by asking students to name a few community helpers and their responsibilities.  
  2. Now ask the students to name activities commonly done during the summer. You can assist by giving examples such as swimming, camping, and a variety of reading activities or clubs at the library. For each example, ask follow-up questions, such as, “Are there rules we need to follow when we go swimming?” or “Who can help us at the beach or pool when we need help?” Continue the same form of discussion for the forest ranger and librarian.
  3. Talk about the uniform worn by these three community helpers, and ask questions on specific details, such as, “Why do lifeguards wear red?”
  4. After the discussion, explain to your students that they will be making lifeguard, forest ranger, and librarian hand puppets.   
  5. Help students cut out and color the clothing and accessories for the paper bag puppets. Give students a paper bag for each community helper and help them to use the tabs to tape or glue the clothing on each bag.
  6. They can draw the face with crayons or markers.
  7. When they are all done they can put on a community helper puppet show!

You can provide other materials if you have access to them like yarn for hair, felt for the face, or googly eyes. Students can make more puppets by drawing their own clothing and accessories, such as swimmers for the beach or pool, campers, or people for the library.




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