Superhero Utility Belt

What You Need:

  • Old belt
  • Wide ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Instant bond double-sided fabric tape (available from sewing stores)
  • Small piece of circular cardboard
  • Permanent markers
  • Paper, pencil
  • Paper clips, binder rings, key chain rings, and/or carabiner hooks
  • Gadgets (from a dollar store or your house) such as sunglasses, clip-on play phone, keys, rope, walkie-talkie, flashlight, compass, binoculars, whistle, etc.

What You Do:

  1. First, your child will need a superhero fit for her belt! Have her plan a superhero persona for herself. What is her superhero name? What sort of things does she do? Have her write a short biography of her superhero self, then figure out the kinds of things she might need.
  2. Have your child write her superhero name or initials on the small cardboard circle with permanent marker. She could also decorate the circle with lightning bolts, stars or other superhero-themed emblems.
  3. Using an old belt as a base, help your child cut a wide piece of ribbon (in a color or design she chooses) that is a slightly shorter length than the belt base. The ribbon should not cover the belt’s holes.
  4. Help her cut a piece of instant bond double-sided fabric tape the same length as the ribbon. She can put the tape on the ribbon’s back, peel off the other side of paper from the tape, and attach her ribbon to the belt’s outward facing length.
  5. Help your child attach paper clips, key rings, carabiner hooks, and/or binder rings around the belt and ribbon. These will hold her gadgets!
  6. Attach the gadgets to the belt. Most items should be able to hang from the paper clips or rings, but others may be tucked inside the belt instead of hanging from it.
  7. Attach the cardboard circle to a buckle or the front of the belt with the fabric tape.
  8. All that’s left to do is put on the belt and save the world!

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