Grocery Store Math

What You Need:

  • Notebook
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Before you and your child go shopping, pick a set amount that you two have to spend on the groceries. We had a 200 dollar budget.
  2. Next, using the pencil and the notebook, help her draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper, dividing the sheet into two columns.
  3. Then, on the top of the righthand column, have her write the budget you've agreed upon.
  4. Next, help her write the list of ingredients needed in the left column.
  5. Head to the store and shop around.
  6. Every time she finds an item, she should add it to the basket and cross it out on the list.
  7. Then, she should subtract the price of the item (say, 2.99) from the original 200 dollar budget, keeping a running total for each item found.
  8. At the end of the shopping trip, have her compare her found number against the number on the receipt. Did she stay within her budget?

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