Take Action Like Greta

What You Need:


What You Do: 

  1. Invite your child to read Our House Is on Fire by Jeanette Winter. Support them as needed in reading the words. 
  2. Involve your child in filling out the I Notice, I Wonder, I Learned worksheet as they read. Ask them questions to support their understanding, such as:
    • What does Greta want for the Earth? How do you know?
    • How does Greta take action to stand up for what she believes in? 
    • What are some ways you stand up for what you believe in (e.g., treating animals with kindness, standing up for friends when people aren’t kind, treating others with respect, etc.)?
  3. After reading, provide your child with access to an online device and the Biography Research worksheet. Explain to your child that they will find out some more information about Greta by using reliable online resources (see suggestion above). Support your child in filling out the worksheet as needed.
  4. Read back through your child’s collected information on the Biography Research worksheet. Encourage your child to use the information to write a short, informational paragraph that includes an introduction, 2–5 facts, and a concluding sentence. 
  5. Challenge your child by inviting them to find quotes by Greta that resonate with them. Alternatively, have them create other text features by bolding key words and writing definitions on the side of their informational text, or creating “Did You Know?” fact boxes with interesting/surprising information.
  6. Have your child take out a blank piece of paper and separate it into two sections. On one side, have your child write “How Greta Takes Action” and on the other write “How I Can Take Action.” Invite your child to create an illustration of Greta and the way she takes action on one side, and an illustration of themselves and how they wish to take action to help the Earth on the other. 
  7. If your child isn’t sure where to start, research ideas on how to help the Earth using the suggested environmental websites above. 

This activity can last multiple days or through an entire week. Encourage your child to add on to their informational text as they are inspired, and share their project with friends and family, in person or through video chat!

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