Test Kitchen: Spoons

What You Need

  • Spoons of various sizes and shapes, enough for each group to try three different styles
  • A bowl or container of uncooked rice or beans for each group
  • A bowl or container of water for each group
  • Several extra bowls or containers


What You Do

  1. Announce to your students that the space they are in will become a test kitchen where they will be evaluating kitchen tools. In this activity, they will work to compare different types of serving spoons.
  2. Give your student three serving spoons of various sizes and styles.
  3. Ask your student to test the spoons for serving both dry and wet foods. Have them test each spoon by scooping dry uncooked rice or beans into another container and by spooning water into another container.
  4. Have them keep notes or create a chart showing the strengths and weaknesses of each style of spoon.
  5. After the testing is complete, have them make a recommendation for the best spoon for dry foods and the best spoon for wet foods.
  6. Have them present their findings to you. They should conclude with which spoons they recommend and why.
  7. Afterwards, ask your student to recommend other kitchen items they might want to try testing in their test kitchen.

Ann Gadzikowski is an author and educator with a passion for challenging children to think creatively and critically. Her recent book Robotics for Young Children won the 2018 Midwest Book Award for best educational book. Ann developed her expertise in robotics, computer science, and engineering through her work as early childhood coordinator for Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. She has over 25 years of experience as a teacher and director of early childhood programs, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Preschool of the Arts, a Reggio-Emilia inspired school in Madison, Wisconsin.

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