Say "Thank You!" to Postal Workers

What You Need:

  • White envelope
  • Markers
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Paper
  • Address to local post office and name of Postmaster

What You Do:

  1. Have your child write a "thank you" note to the postal workers at your local post office for all of their hard work throughout the year. Try to encourage him to use his best handwriting. He may want to write the note on a piece of scratch paper first, and then transfer it to the final sheet of paper after he's made sure to double check both his spelling and grammar.
  2. Encourage him to decorate the back of the envelope (the side with the seal and flaps) with any type of design he likes. He should draw a picture or create a pattern to make the envelope a unique gift.
  3. On the front of the envelope, explain to him how to properly write the information needed to get the envelope to the correct address. The return address (his home address) goes in the upper left corner and will need to include his full name, street address, city (followed by a comma!), state and zip code. The mailing address will need to include the name of the person who is the intended recipient of the envelope (the Postmaster), the street address, city (again, followed by a comma!), state and zip code.
  4. Have him place a stamp in the upper right corner of the envelope.
  5. Help him fold his letter and slide it into the envelope. After sealing the letter, he can put it in the mailbox.

Helpful Tip: Explain to your child that the mail takes anywhere from 2–5 days to travel from one address to the next, so in order for the postal workers to get the envelope, it will need to be sent the week prior to Labor Day.  Don't forget that the post office is closed on Labor Day!

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