Write a Thanksgiving Proclamation!

What You Need:

  • Regular white paper
  • Tea or coffee, brewed (keep it weak)
  • Shallow pan for soaking the paper
  • Calligraphy pen or special marker
  • Matches or a lighter (optional)
  • Candle (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Tell your child that a proclamation is the act of saying something in an official way. There have been many famous proclamations in the past, like the Emancipation Proclamation. Share that Thanksgiving Proclamations are meant to officially give thanks for good things in life.
  2. Start by helping your child make a list of what they're thankful for. Encourage them to think of things big and small, such as a warm and cozy house to live in, mom and/or dad, siblings, friends, books to read, plenty to eat, snow (or rain or sun) to play in, toys to play with, etc. You get the idea—get detailed and go over the list together. Encourage them to think beyond themself (their iPod may be at the top of the list but here's your chance to help them think a little more deeply about meaningful topics).
  3. Dye the paper in tea or coffee to give it an "old" look. Take a sheet of white paper and crumple it up really well, then dunk it in the tea until soaked. Take the paper out and lay it flat until dry. For a burnt-edge look, light a match and carefully burn the edges of the paper.
  4. Now on to writing. A calligraphy pen is great here, but any marker that's special to your child works. Have your child sign the proclamation to make it official, and note the location and date underneath their signature.
  5. You can also add an official seal to your child's proclamation under the signature by melting a bit of candle wax and letting it drip onto the paper, then etching your child's initials into it as it cools and hardens.

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