Make a Thank You Frame

What You Need:

  • white glue
  • construction paper
  • four 12-inch wooden rulers
  • crayons or markers
  • safety scissors
  • yarn
  • glitter
  • photo of your child
  • pencil
  • paper

What You Do:

  1. Help your child create a list of all the things she’s learned this year. The list might include things like the alphabet, numbers, reading, writing, counting, sharing, colors, shapes, songs, or anything else your child would like to write down. Once she’s brainstormed a list of all the things she's learned, ask your child to choose her six favorites.
  2. Add art. Give your child a set of crayons or markers and ask her to use the construction paper to create pictures to represent each of her six favorite things. Under each picture (with your help!) she should write some words. Keep in mind that this doesn't have to be complex. For the alphabet, she can write something as simple as “ABC”, for colors, she might write words like “red” or “blue”. Help your child sound out the words she’d like to write, but try to resist the urge to write the words for her! Once she’s created pictures and lettering for all six things, she can cut them out using her safety scissors.
  3. Make the frame! Cover a table with newspaper and lay two of the rulers in vertical (North-South) positions. Then lay the other 2 rulers on top of the first two in a horizontal (East-West) position to form a square. Leave about one inch of overhang space at each of the corners. Place some glue under the top 2 rulers to attach them to the bottom rulers. Allow a few minutes to dry. Then help your child use the yarn to wrap each corner. The ties will form an "x" shape.  Secure each end by tying it into a bow.
  4. Get those decorations ready! Now that you've got the frame, have your child glue the words and pictures cut out in Step #2 onto the rulers. Once she’s done, she can add glitter, too. When it’s all dry, put a photo of your child in the center of the frame and attach it. (If it's too hard to do with the picture alone, you can glue the picture onto a stiff piece of posterboard or cardboard, then attach to the frame.)

When all the creating is done and the glue is dry, wrap it up! You've got a great gift to give your child's teacher, and you've squeezed in some writing practice, too.

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