The Very Determined Dog, Ivy!


What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child, "Can you think of someone that is strong, brave, and determined?"
  2. Define the word determined as "deciding to do your best no matter what or making a choice and sticking to it with purpose." Give you child the following example: "Perhaps you aren't able to hit a baseball when it's first pitched to you. But you make a decision to keep focused and practice no matter what. Then you eventually can hit the ball, sometimes even out of the park!"
  3. Offer some examples from your own life where you practiced determination.
  4. Show your child the video Ivy the Very Determined Dog (or read the book if available).
  5. Pause during the video to read each page from the book.
  6. Ask your child, "How did Ivy show determination?"
  7. Ask, "What were some of the difficulties Ivy was faced with? How did she overcome them?"
  8. Ask, "How can determination help us, too? If we have a challenge, how can we remember to stay strong?"
  9. Share or elaborate on moments from your own life where you had to exhibit determination and overcome challenges.
  10. Review the Letter to Ivy worksheet with your child, and help them decide what they want to draw and write!

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