DIY Diffuser

What You Need:

  • Small glass jar (found at craft or home goods stores)
  • Essential oils (any fragrance, enough to fill up an inch of the jar)
  • Five or more reed sticks or wooden skewers
  • Two red or pink pipe cleaners

What You Do:

  1. The gathering of materials for this project is the hardest part; once the right materials have been collected, the project can be finished in just a couple simple steps! Visit craft, home goods, or gardening stores to find materials that both you and your child are satisfied.
  2. Have your child add the essential oil or blend of oils to the glass jar. Remember: The combination of oils should only fill the glass jar about one inch full.
  3. Ask your child to add the reed sticks or wooden skewers to the jar, so that the ends are submerged in the essential oils. Before you know it, the sticks will begin soaking up the fragrance and filling the room with a fantastic scent!
  4. Invite your child to add the finishing touch to his project by bending the tips of the pipe cleaners into small heart shapes. He should leave the bottom part of the pipe cleaners straight and place them in the jar next to the wooden sticks.

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