Waffle Snowman

What You Need:

  • Frozen waffle
  • Blue construction paper
  • White paint
  • Colored construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small twigs

What You Do:

  1. Clean off a large, flat surface and lay down the sheet of blue construction paper. Prepare a shallow container with white paint.
  2. Have your child dip a frozen waffle into the paint, and press it onto the bottom of the blue paper. Repeat this two more times for two more circles on top of the first. This is the snowman's body.
  3. Help your preschooler draw and cut out circles for eyes and an orange triangle nose for the snowman's face. She can also cut out a hat and buttons for his clothing. This is a great time to be creative and think about the snowman's personality.
  4. Glue the pieces of attire onto the waffle print snowman.
  5. Glue the two small twigs on the side of the snowman for arms.

Now you can still make a snowman even when it's too cold to go outside!

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