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What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask, "What are some things that make people different? What are some things that make us the same?"
  2. Explain that there are many people who look different, speak different languages, and eat different foods all over the world. Tell your child that you will be reading a story about two boys who look different and live in different ways, but who also appreciate each other for their differences and similarities.
  3. Read the book Same, Same But Different or play the video of the read-aloud.
  4. Ask your child, "How were the boys the same? How were they different?"
  5. Ask, "How can we welcome and care for others who are different from us?"
  6. Explain that we can more easily welcome and become friends with others when we get to know them first, before judging someone based on what they look like or what kind of food they eat, clothes they wear, or house they live in.
  7. Explain that we can appreciate and learn from each others differences through acceptance.
  8. Review the Welcome All: Pen Pal Letters with your child and support them in connecting with a pen pal in another country. Review the parent instructions on the worksheet and work with your child on writing their letter and have them include a drawing. If you had a pen pal growing up, share about that experience with your child.

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