Paint a Winter Window Wonderland

What You Need:

  • Washable paint or window markers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Jar of water
  • Rags
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Old newspapers

What You Do:

  1. Before you begin, choose a window to paint, making sure it is clean and easily accessible for your little one. You may need a step stool so he can reach the upper part of the window.
  2. Protect the window frame with painter's tape. You may also want to secure a thick layer of paper around the sill and on the floor to protect them from any accidental drips or smudges. Make sure you have wet rags to mop up spills, and a jar of water if using paintbrushes.
  3. Talk to your child about winter holiday images (snow, reindeer, stars, trees, candles, etc) and brainstorm a holiday scene together.
  4. Set out the paint and paintbrushes, then invite him to start painting.
  5. If he wants to paint a new color on top of the first one, have him wait until the first color is dry before he starts the new color.

When your child is finished painting, step outside and admire his handiwork from the other side!

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