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Don't despair during the countdown to your child's big test! Instead, read Education.com's breakdown of the pros and cons of high-stakes testing.
Here are some guidelines for determining a quality school.
Math anxiety can affect a wide range of students, despite those students' actual knowledge and skill with math concepts. And overcoming math anxiety can seem as difficult to some as the toughest trigonometry and calculus problems you can imagine. But by providing the right approach and lots of support, you can make it simple and help your child overcome math anxiety. You may be surprised to learn just how it's done. Learn what to add, subtract, take away and carry over when it comes to helping your child feel comfortable with math.
Get an introduction to Common Core Standards that you can easily understand.
With kindergarten growing much more academic, report cards aren't what they used to be. Here's what to keep in mind as you look at the kindergarten report card.
These days, access to test scores is a click of the mouse away, but critics argue that this information doesn't tell us much about the quality of the school.
Will common academic standards become a reality across the nation? Find out, and how parents can get involved.
The PSAT can lead to scholarships for your college-bound teen, and help her prepare for other tests ahead of her. Find out how you can help her ace the exam.
Some say traditional grading systems don't show what a student really knows. Hear what one school is doing about it.
It's good or bad, depending on who's talking. NCLB means 'No Child Left Behind,' and it's perhaps the most far-reaching federal reform in the last two decades.
Find out the results to the latest PISA, which tests student competence in reading, science, and math around the world. See how the U.S. ranks internationally.
Learning how to take tests is a skill in itself. Find out how students can benefit from test-taking skills.
What's an IEE? Why does my child need one, and how do I get one? Get the answers here.
As a parent, you want to keep high standards for you child. But what do high standards look like?
What's the story with merit pay for teachers? Here's what you need to know.
The debate over 'standardized testing' masks a larger question: just how do we define what it means to learn something, and how can we test for it?
What kinds of skills are needed, and how will we know if the next generation of workers has what it takes to succeed?
Thanks to growing competition from around the world, students must work harder than ever. Here are the skills that kids will need to compete.
Browse testing and standards educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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