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Parents may not realize that there actually is a wrong way to give praise. An expert in the field gave us the scoop on how to do it right.
Help your child overcome social problems at school with opportunities for children to practice being in different kinds of social situations. Here's how:
There are lots of fun ways to nurture individual learning styles and independent thinking skills at home. Here's what the experts suggest.
Here's what you need to know to help your child's confidence blossom this year.
As soon as your child develops his motor skills, he'll be showing you his dominant hand. What should you do if it's his left one?
Interested in learning more about the PTA (Parent/Teacher Association)? Here's what you need to know.
Treat your child to back-to-school clothing without breaking the bank.
Making the transition from grade school to middle school is a huge adjustment. Here's what kids and parents need to know about bullying, sex, and other issues.
Should you separate your twins and send them to different classrooms? Or keep them together under one roof?
Is your child frequently distracted when doing homework? Here are some expert tips on how to reduce those homework headaches.
How can you make sure your child isn't going from Popsicles to Pop-Tarts as back-to-school season approaches?
Open House is an important night for the whole family.  Here are a few ways parents can help make it a success.
Got a school within walking or biking distance of your child? Here's what you need to know about getting a safe and healthy start to the back to school year.
Try these tips to give your kids a good, stress-free start to the school day.
From his first step to his first sentence, you've been championing your son's growth and development. Now it's time to pass the torch to his preschool teacher.
Sixth grade is a huge jump in child development. Here's a great educational resource to help kids stay on top of their work.
One great strategy for teaching your child to make new friends skills is to use the 5 senses. Here's how it works.
Here are some guidelines for giving your child the tools and strategies to develop a genius mindset, and achieve more in the classroom and beyond.
Browse back to school educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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