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Wanting more class participation out of your kid? You can help your child develop class participation, in-class curiosity and confidence with these five tips.
Wondering about your fifth grader's social life?  Here's the skinny on what's going on
Third graders are ready to really learn about physical education. Here are some examples of third grade movement milestones:
As second graders show a sharp growth of body, they are also experiencing an amazing growth of mind. They're getting smarter, which changes their lives at school and at home. For parents, this can be an exciting change, but it also brings new challenges. Read this slideshow to learn what's going on in your child's head and what you should do as a parent.
Parents often feel helpless watching their kids struggle to make friends or fit in at school, whether it's because of clumsy social skills, an emotional problem or just bad luck. There's little you as a parent can do to suddenly make other kids like your child. But you can guide her down the right path and put her in positions to succeed socially. Read on to learn some of the keys to improving the social skills of your kid and giving her the best opportunities to meet new friends.
Parents often worry about if their child is on track with his development. What should a toddler be able to do, and how can you do to foster his development?
Here are some ways to deal with a teen who talks back and shows disrespect.
In a society torn between an emaciated feminine ideal and skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, how can parents help their daughters accept their bodies?
Social Emotional Learning is a new trend in whole child education that's gaining traction. Here's what you need to know about Social Emotional Learning.
Here are expert ideas from a child psychologist for helping your preschooler play with others.
'Bang, bang! You're dead!' Whether it's fake sword fighting, pretend gunplay, or a superhero scene recreated, parents may cringe at the idea of make-believe violence where kids pretend to kill each other. But there's more to pretend play than meets the eye, which is part of the reason you can't stop kids from doing it. Learn what pretend play means to children, and find out when you should step in.
If your child suddenly developed a me-first, gimme-gimme attitude once first grade hit, it's not a coincidence. Learn why first grade is the year that finishing first becomes first priority to children, and find out how you can deal with it.
Here are some of the neurological differences you may notice between boys and girls in the years surrounding first grade.
Back to school season can be tough for shy children, but parents can take concrete steps to help their shrinking violets to blossom. Here's how.
If you thought the end of kindergarten meant the end of all the arguments, tantrums, crying, ups, downs and in-betweens, we've got bad news for you. Children in first grade are bound to endure a storm of emotional whirlwinds. Some of it makes sense and some of it doesn't, but how you react can help your child through this stage of life. Check out this slideshow to find out what your first grader will do and what you should do.
There can be right and wrong ways of praising toddlers, and sometimes praise can actually do more harm than good. Here's what parents need to know.
Kindergarten marks a year of huge intellectual growth in children. They're learning to read, talk and listen. They're getting better at following rules. Their memories are improving. All these new powers mean new skills for you to master as a parent. Read this slideshow to learn what intellectual milestones your child will pass during kindergarten and what you can do to help.
Read about social-emotional learning (SEL) in school's and its effects on the emotional intelligence of students.
Browse child and adolescent development educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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