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If you're like most parents, getting your kids to eat their vegetables is a tall order. Here's a unique approach that just might get the job done.
Before heading to the drug store to cure your little one's cold, try these natural remedies.
Your teen is idealistic, health-conscious, and, suddenly, a vegetarian. Here's how to deal.
Let your children revel in the slow charm of bygone years with an Easter tea party. Here are some great ideas to get the festivities started.
Is your preschooler stressed?  How to recognize the myriad pressures children experience and help your little one remain calm.
Few teens are getting the nine hours of sleep per night that researchers say they need. Here's what you can you do about it.
Is your child sneezing already? A flu shot can help. Check out these four tips to help your child get over a fear of flu shots and vaccines.
Just how much should parents be worried about swine flu? Here's what parents need to know about keeping kids safe.
You may surprised by what you don't know about our national school lunch program.
Just why do kids develop repetitive habits like hair-twisting and thumb-sucking, and what, if anything, can parents do about it?
The numbers are scary. Since the 1970s, the percentage of overweight preschoolers has more than doubled, and it’s more than tripled in 6-11 year olds.
Should parents vaccinate their children against the swine flu virus? Here's what you need to know.
As schools push for more rigorous curriculum standards, limited recess time, or no recess at all, is increasingly the result. Find out more.
Here is a vaccine timeline, including steps already taken and those that remain, according to the WHO.
Here's how parents can nurture their child's resilience, their ability to bounce back from life's hardships.
Ramadan for kids! Learn the history of this Muslim holiday and get tips on how to celebrate Ramadan for kids in your household.
As the school year begins, here are some expert tips and help reduce the spread and impact of swine flu on your community.
Consumers can easily be confused or misled by supposedly healthy labeling. So what do those labels really mean, and can you trust them?
Browse physical health educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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