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Guidelines to help cope with stress for parents of children on the autism spectrum.
Does your child jump right into an activity without asking how to do it? Is he unusually coordinated for his age? Perhaps he's a kinesthetic learner.
Having a child who is a perfectionist can be stressful for the whole family. Here's how to help your perfectionist child.
Separation anxiety is a very common problem for preschool children. Here are some tips for cutting down on separation anxiety during the preschool year.
Playing might seem to have little to do with the academic knowledge that children will need to succeed in kindergarten. So why is it so important in preschool?
Popping up in approximately 2 million children, ADHD has the makings of a modern epidemic. Could the root of the problem be much time spent glued to the tube?
Learn how Response to Intervention (RTI) can make a difference for special needs kids. This article examines the pros and cons of Response to Intervention.
When it comes to going to school for the first time, kids and parents have lots of concerns. Here's a few tips on addressing you and your preschool worries.
Oh, the separation anxiety! Dropping your toddler off at school or with a babysitter can be scary, but follow these Do's and Don'ts to quell separation anxiety.
If you suspect that your teen is stealing, it is important to figure out the underlying reasons. Here are some expert ideas for dealing with teens who steal.
The signs of Asperger's Syndrome can be difficult because no two children with Asperger's are alike. Learn the indicators of Asperger's Syndrome.
An expert guide to the mental development of third graders.
The world of special education seems to come with its own unique language.  Practical parenting tips on how to navigate the maze of special needs education.
Here are some tips for parenting in an increasingly distractible society
Gifted children often require additional resources, and gifted education doesn't always do the trick. In some cases, gifted education can come with a price tag that scares many parents away. But the good news is that you can provide for a gifted child on a budget. One of the biggest myths about gifted children is that they need an expensive set of resources to be stimulated and challenged. This slideshow is full of great tips for fun, educational things your child can do on the cheap.
The way kids practice and the way they're criticized both play a part in the likelihood of achieving greatness. Here's what you need to know.
Do learning styles such as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual really exist? Find out what the learning style debate is all about.
When kindergarteners and first graders reverse letters, are they just hitting a bump, or should you worry about dyslexia? Here's info on dyslexia warning signs.
Browse learning and your child educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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