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Children being afraid of the teacher is a common occurrence. Here are expert tips for helping a child who is scared of her preschool teacher.
What sorts of educational resources do gifted students need?
How can parents know when anxiety about the social challenges of the new school year is more serious than normal back to school jitters?
Out of relaxation techniques for your kid? You're probably thinking old school! Check out these new-age relaxation techniques for interesting ways to calm down.
What's to gain with a longer school day? Some say extending learning hours will narrow the achievement gap, help working families, and improve motivation.
You've heard of book smarts and street smarts, but a growing group of experts is urging parents to work on something even more fundamental: 'sensory smarts.'
This article breaks down different thinking patterns. It may help you understand how your child learns best and how you can help him do best!
With Sensory Processing Disorder, kids can hear, see, touch, smell and taste, but they have serious trouble putting it all together. So what's a parent to do?
Pretend play is an essential part of a young child's development. Pick up the props and toys on this list to spark some great pretend play ideas.
Learn how easy it can be to let your kid have all the fun and educational value of writing and performing plays.
Why can kids seem happy one moment, then fall apart the next? We've got the tips you need to raise a well-balanced child.
Tests and homework are generic -- so what does that mean for your kid's individual needs? Give him an educational boost with a personalized education.
Learn to sniff out your child's stress symptoms and approach them the right way.
Experts agree that even before your child learns to read the hands on a clock, he should have a basic understanding of time and how we measure it.
How do you define a gifted child and what should you do if your child fits this criteria?
Trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder, is a compulsive urge to pull out one's own hair. Learn how to help your child deal with trichotillomania.
For an increasing number of children, play just isn't taking place, and the consequences for child development may be severe.
Here's a quick review of some of the best rhyming games for toddlers, as well as the important skills your child will learn as she plays.
Browse learning and your child educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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