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Here's what administrators at seven universities had to say about the SAT.
Letters are coming back from colleges. Whether your child is accepted, waitlisted or denied, there are ways to prepare for the future.
The Math SAT contains Computations, Algebra, Probability, Functions, and Geometry. Here are five practice problems that demonstrate each type of question.
Some students are using an arsenal of unique tactics to get themselves noticed by colleges. Here's what you need to know about what really gets you noticed.
Knowing these 50 words will give your teen a leg up on the SAT verbal section.
Here's the low-down on what it takes to get the attention of college admissions' offices.
Great college student gift ideas can elude many parents, who spend big money on the wrong college gifts. Buy your college students gifts she'll actually use!
Find out which  math classes are essential for getting into a good college.
A growing number of high school seniors are deciding to take a breather, or a gap year, before heading to the dormitory. Here are 11 great options.
If you're on the wait list for your top choice college, don't despair. Here are 5 ways to get off the list and into the college of your choice.
In the college admissions marathon, focusing the initial attention on a solid foundation will inevitably produce the best results – both now and in the future.
Here are some tactics and tips your teen can use to get into college.
It's clear from most college admissions websites that students should load up on high school science. But how many years and what exactly is required?
It's called a 'gap year.' And the concept is now starting to gain significant steam here in America.
Use this guide to draft your college visit checklist and to find answers to your college visit questions. Here are our tips for a productive college visit.
Roommate conflicts affect thousands of freshmen each year, and it can be a tough situation for both parents and kids. Here are some conflict resolution tips.
Here are a list of options to consider when your child decides not to attend college.
More students than ever are applying to college. So what does that mean? Has the 'safety school' gone the way of the rotary phone?
Browse college information educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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