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Keeping safe on Halloween doesn't have to mean raining on your child's parade. Here are five expert tips to keep Halloween a safe and fun night for everyone.
How can you help your child have a fun and safe Halloween when there are scary ghosts and witches everywhere? Take a look at these safe Halloween tips.
Looking for some Halloween books that won't scare the stuffing out of your young child? Here are five top picks for Halloween reading.
This year, consider swapping those mini-Milky Ways for something that won't create a swirling neighborhood of sugar-zombies.
With these ten tips in your trick-or-treat bag, you'll have everything you need to squeeze learning in this Halloween.
These four books may be new titles, but they preserve the essence of the Halloween book: imagination, mystery, and the un-dead!
Here are some treats you can make for home or to take to your child's class party that aren't too sweet but are still horrifyingly delectable.
Learn about Halloween around the world. Explore Halloween traditions and beliefs, and see how other cultures celebrate Halloween worldwide.
Here are some tips to promote an environmentally friendly and self-sufficient Halloween.
Ever wonder where the tradition of carving pumpkins came from? Get the inside scoop here.
Most kids aren't aware of the cultural customs that have molded Halloween. Here's a hidden history of this spooky holiday.
Here are some creative ways to make that Halloween candy disappear.
Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween, our annual countdown featuring a spine-tickling selection of activities, worksheets, and gamesówe can hardly wait to show you!
Here are three pumpkin treats you can prepare and have on hand during your pumpkin carving festivities this Fall.
Want to cut the cookies and candy out of your Halloween classroom party? Here are five fun, healthy, spooky snacks to incorporate nutrition to the festivities.
Here are some tips to recounting a mesmerizing ghost story for your kids this Halloween.
No tricks, just treats with these creative Halloween projects that will help you throw a truly ghouly and spooktacular Halloween party!
Browse halloween educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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