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Great college student gift ideas can elude many parents, who spend big money on the wrong college gifts. Buy your college students gifts she'll actually use!
Here’s a guide to the light-filled festival of Hanukkah.
Check out these 10 volunteering ideas that allow any kind of kid to help in a hands-on way and learn to love the feeling of giving back.
'Twas the night before Christmas and across the map, every child was playing with a holiday app. The holiday season means festive parties, volunteering, family gatherings, and last-minute shoppingone seriously jam-packed schedule. That's why just like Santa, you need a bag of the best holiday apps for kids to use on tablets, smart phones and MP3 players, keeping little hands busy while you check items off your to-do list.
Use the holidays as a learning opportunity. Here are nine ways to teach your child proper gift giving and gift getting etiquette this holiday season.
Healthy eating during the holidays is hard for everyone, especially children. Teach your child how to stay healthy this holiday season with these eight tips.
This holiday, set aside a little time to practice gratitude, empathy and thoughtfulness with your family with these 11 ways to remember what truly matters.
Wondering how to fit veggies in during the winter? The season's produce provides plenty of natural sweetness and hearty richness to satisfy everyone.
With all the consumer hype around the holidays, it's hard to know how to destress the season of giving and getting. Here are ten tips for parents.
Here are tips and ideas for throwing a holiday party for kids and grownups alike.
Volunteering is a great way to teach children about the spirit of giving. Here are some innovative ways to get your child involved.
For some children, the holidays are one the most difficult times of the year. Figuring out if your kids are hiding depression can be difficult but important.
What's the best way to thank teachers this holiday season? Here's some advice from The National Education Association.
Most will have holiday homework this December. Here are some tips for helping your child complete their assignments, and also enjoy the season.
Five holiday volunteering ideas that can make a huge difference in your community this year.
What can you do to keep your child motivated to learn during the highly distracting holiday season?
There's nothing like a family movie night to wrap up the holidays. Here's a list of holiday classics, both old and new.
As the holiday season moves into full swing and kids are home from school, it's easy to forget to keep learning going. Here's what you can do:
Browse the holiday season educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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