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iPads aren't only for adults; even the littlest kids love swiping, tapping and tilting their way through apps on this Apple tablet. It's not all fun though: the preschool apps for the iPad can be a great, interactive way to teach your preschooler everything from shapes to colors to numbers and counting! Check out our picks for the best iPad apps for preschoolers.
Before you turn on tonight's news, here are 10 ways to talk to your kids about current events.
Finding the right apps for your kindergartener can be tricky and tedious—it's tough to know which kindergarten apps are truly educational and skill-based, and which are simply glorified games. To get you started on the right track, here are 10 of our favorite apps for kindergarten-aged kids, including the best iPad apps for kindergarten and the best Android apps for kindergarten.
Every parent knows that story time helps budding learners pick up basic literacy skills and develop of love of reading. Encourage a lifelong love of books in modern kids with these interactive, engaging storybook apps.
Based on recent research and good old common sense, here are some tips for balancing out the high-tech learning of modern games and apps.
Here are some tips for parenting in an increasingly distractible society
Computer programming isn't just for 'techies' anymore! Learn why one school's curriculum is catching up with the times.
Find out why the TV show in the background is harming your child's learning.
In today's wired world, kids are faced with more hi-tech stimulation than ever before. Help your little one unplug and reconnect with nature with these tips.
In today's wired world, many lessons are being transferred from the chalkboard to the tablet. Your child’s hooked on interactive games, but have you considered combining this love with education? Give your kid a leg up this school year with these comprehensive second grade apps, which include cool second grade reading apps and fun second grade math apps.
The flipped classroom in an education model aimed at project-based learning and reliant on educational technology. Get the facts on the flipped classroom model.
Watch one of these family-friendly movies and your kids won't even realize they're learning something new. Here are the top educational movies for families.
Ads pop up whether your strolling down the street or browsing the internet. They may seem harmless enough, but experts agree that advertising, especially when marketing towards children, has lasting negative effects on their physical and mental health. There's no ad blocker you can install on your kid, so what's a parent to do? Find out was to keep grounded in the face of consumerism with these steps.
Teens today are entrenched in the online world, but do they really know how to create, and control, their own virtual persona?
If you own a tablet or smartphone, chances are you love it for browsing the web or playing games, but what about creating artwork? The best art apps give your kids a chance to foster creativity and get imaginative with different mediums.
Online etiquette, or 'netiquette,' isn't just for human decency; it can keep your kid safe online and avoid lasting mistakes. Learn to teach online etiquette.
Too early to be worrying about kids and social media? Think again! Almost 60 percent of Americans ages 6 through 9 go online every day, and 90 percent of kids have an online history before they're 2 years old! Times are clearly different. But just because kids are all over social media, particularly Facebook, that doesn't mean they're all safe. Be a responsible parent by setting a stable groundwork for your child's social media use. Learn how to get started on the right foot, and your child will be more likely to make smart decisions in the tech world for years to come.
Early reading learning has evolved from alphabet flashcards to smart device screens. Give your kid a leg up with this collection of stellar ABC apps that help preschoolers and kindergarteners master reading readiness basics such as letter recognition, phonics and comprehension skills. These pre-literacy tools give children a hands-on experience that offers a variety of ways to teach skills to every kind of learner.
Browse technology and your child educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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