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By the preschool years, most children are spending time on computers . But is it healthy for preschoolers to be interacting with computers?
If the closest your child gets to the natural, wild world is watching 'Planet Earth' it's time to reconnect him with his roots. Get our tips for closing the gap between children and nature.
Based on recent research and good old common sense, here are some tips for balancing out the high-tech learning of modern games and apps.
There are plenty of choices for summer camp out there, and academic camp is just one type. Sending your kid to spend a summer week with extra schoolwork sounds equally effective and punishing. Read this list of academic camp's pros and cons to decide if it's a good decision for your child.
Kindergarten is a huge step for children, full of excitement and, for many, anxiety. Kids want to make friends right away, and as a parent, you'd hate to hear that your child is having trouble or being left out. Know that kindergarteners having trouble making friends is extremely common. You just need to help your kid along! Learn what to do to strike the delicate balance between doing everything for your child and letting her learn to do it for herself.
Facebook has gone from strictly college students to social media moms sharing every waking moment of their child's life. Reign in your Facebook faux pas by brushing up on your social media etiquette.
Before you turn on tonight's news, here are 10 ways to talk to your kids about current events.
Find out why the TV show in the background is harming your child's learning.
Early reading learning has evolved from alphabet flashcards to smart device screens. Give your kid a leg up with this collection of stellar ABC apps that help preschoolers and kindergarteners master reading readiness basics such as letter recognition, phonics and comprehension skills. These pre-literacy tools give children a hands-on experience that offers a variety of ways to teach skills to every kind of learner.
We've cracked open hundreds of new titles to bring you this list of fail-safe favorites for first grade summer reading.
Summer reading motivation is an art, not a science. Get creative as you employ these five great ideas to improve your child's summer reading motivation.
Many youth sports injuries are more avoidable than you might think. Check out these tips.
It may surprise you, but interactive games aren't all bad. In fact, video games can be educational! To help your child get the most out of her video game habit, teach her important life lessons and study skills that are embedded into every onscreen adventure.
We've combed the shelves for new summer titles. Here are the ones that really knocked our socks off.
Business isn't just for adults. Learn how to help your child start a legitimate business.
New voices are calling for the return of shop class. Here's why shop class matters for your child.
To avoid the reading slump and keep your kids reading this summer, host a reading party! Here's how.
Are both you and your kids dreading Spring Cleaning this year? Sprinkle in some fun and some learning as you spruce up the house and get your kids involved!
Browse outside the classroom educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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