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It's time to drag your kindergartener to the grocery store, and you can already hear him whining.  Fear not! These ideas can make shopping educational and fun.
Here's our list of the most awesome science activities for summer.
Find the best in green toys and books that are great for second graders' brains, and easy on the environment, too.
As much as you'd love your parenting style to be more Mary Poppins than Betty Draper, there are definitely days when your best intentions go out the window. Cranky kids, a lack of patience and your own habits and needs can all get in the way of that perfect parenting moment. Never fear, though; feeling like the worst parent ever happens to everyone. The trick is to take a deep breath, realign your philosophy and try to do better tomorrow.
Parenting isn't easy, and sometimes it can be hard to keep your cool. Learn how to quell knee-jerk reactions and stay positive with these tried-and-true techniques.
Got a kid who isn't into the Santa story? Get our tips to help him avoid ruining Santa Claus (and the Christmas spirit) for other children.
When you work outside of the home or are labeled a 'career girl,' you can field some super insensitive remarks about your choice to work.
Parenting can surprise you at every turn, and no one tells you everything you need to know. Here's a list of seven things you weren't told about parenting.
The results are in! From the red carpet to 'geek' culture, the hottest baby name trends of 2012 took inspiration from some surprising places.
Contrary to Hollywood's version, pregnancy isn't always a walk in the park. Manage your 'expecting' hopes with our list of pregnancy expectations and realities.
As a parent, it's your natural instinct to protect your child. It's part of the animal makeup we're all born with; like a mama bear, you'll do anything to keep your cub safe. Sounds great, but your kid is trying to survive a different type of wild—one filled with science projects, playground wars, and hopefully college down the road. A little breathing room can go a long way in raising a strong, independent child, but many well-intentioned parenting mistakes get in the way. Here are seven things you shouldn't do for your kid:
Every parent has heard 'It's not fair!' Learn how to deal with the most common 'It's not fair' scenarios.
Getting a preschooler to bed is important for both his health and his parent's sanity. Here are 10 tips to help you solve the bedtime struggle with your child.
Ever wonder how kids can be so well-behaved at school, and so out of control at home? Try these four time-tested teacher tricks for getting kids to behave.
Here's what parents need to know about taking their children to restaurants.
Whether you're planning a bash for an April or August birthday, here are 11 ways to host a memorable classroom birthday celebration.
From biting to throwing food, some child milestones can be really grating. Read on to learn why kids do them—and what you can do about it.
Here are some ways to deal with a teen who talks back and shows disrespect.
Browse parenting and families educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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