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Unfortunately, there's no magic spell that keeps you calm under the toughest pressures of parenting. But following these 10 tips will certainly help!
Parents only have a handful of years with their little ones before full-time schooling starts. Make the most of those days with these tips on how to bond with your preschooler.
Avoid these seven common mama missteps to turn meltdowns into holiday merrymaking.
Want to get your child started down the road to a greener school? Here are the top 5 things kids can do to help green up their schools.
Whether you call it slow parenting, simplicity parenting or free-range parenting, this article will teach you what it's all about.
Avoid the summer slide with these educational activities and fun ideas for how to keep your kid learning over the summer.
Take a weekend outing without taking out a loan! These family activities don't cost a penny.
Amy Chua made headlines in 2011 with the release of her parenting tome, 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,' a book that detailed her intense and sometimes questionable parenting style. Dubbed the original 'tiger' parent, Chua believes that children need to be pushed, pulled, molded and squashed into success at any cost.

Does this sound like you? If so, you might be labeled as a tiger parent. While Chua blames Western moms and dads for being too 'soft' on their kids, tiger parenting is sometimes so intense that it can have a serious effect on a child's psyche. If the following clues point to your parenting style, it might be time to loosen the reins and give your little one some leeway.
Power struggles are a common occurrence during the preschool years. Here are expert tips for avoiding power struggles and dealing with them if they do occur.
There's nothing quite like mom guilt; from discipline to nutrition, it's easy to feel like you're not doing it right. Parenting is hard! Give yourself a break and try not to worry about these typical mama stressors.
Expert parenting advice on how to deal with everyday power struggles between parents and kindergarteners.
Do you have a favorite child? It happens to lots of families, so you shouldn't feel bad, but you should do something about it. Read on for the myths and facts about favoritism.
Power struggles are a common occurrence during the preschool years. Although they can be difficult to deal with, be aware that young children who attempt to engage in power struggles are actually developing at an age-appropriate level: they are learning that they have their own thoughts, feelings, and desires and that those are sometimes different than adults. This is an important cognitive leap with behavioral changes that will soon become apparent to a preschool parent. Although kids should learn to be assertive, they should understand and follow your rules.
While their behavior may be frustrating to you, keep in mind that young children are constantly exploring their world in order to learn and develop. Testing your limits is one way that they explore their environment. So make sure that you establish firm limits for them as early as possible, and stick to those limits. The earlier that children learn that you are not going to give in, the fewer power struggles you will encounter, not only during the preschool years, but throughout childhood and adolescence. 
The best way to deal with power struggles is to avoid them by managing your child’s schedule and environment, as well as establishing a positive, caring relationship with your child in which your authority is taken seriously. To do both effectively, it's important to have clear, simple rules, and to be consistent in following them. 
Here are some ideas for avoiding power struggles and for dealing with them if they do occur:
Stow the beeping doo-dads and get out the open-ended toys! Here are the top five best types of toy for creative play.
The best teachers know that all kids are complete individuals. While yours might drive you up the wall, chances are that she has some amazing qualities as well. Focus on the good and you might be surprised at how well your little one responds—and sending a treat to his awesome teacher can't hurt either.
As the weather warms, little ones seem unable to concentrate on school work. Get our tips for taming spring fever, and helping kids keep calm and carry on.
You've spent the last five years prepping your child for school, but no matter how many times you've recited the ABC's, there are a number of things no one has told you about kindergarten.
One of the best lessons parents can help their children learn over the years is how to cope with frustration. Here's how to get started.
Browse parenting and families educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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